Friday, June 8, 2012

MAY 2012

Hi, everyone!! I'm back here to share with you guys what things that happened around me which I do not know how to face it or talk to to my friends..May 2012...I would say it as a month which I really gone through what the old said..Everyone would need to undergo birth, leaving, death and pain...I really hate those feelings which I have feel it 3 years ago...3 years ago, on the same year, I lost both my grandparents and 3 years later I lost my grandma and I got a bad news which I would not want it to happened at the same time. This news is the one that I worried the most and afraid of...I'm always being glad and happy that I have my family members around with me and felt pity for those that lose their family members and now I got a news that my mum has a possibility of getting cancer after few body check-ups..Tomorrow is the day the report would be out..I'm worried and afraid..The feeling of afraid that you might lost a family member which is really mean a lot to you is suffering..Days and days of worry and guessing make people couldn't sleep and eat well..My mum wouldn't want to see me worry about her by asking my sis not to tell me the results of her previous report when I was in uni..Being alone staying away from home and knowing your own family member with health problems did make me being emotional..But, I'm glad I have friends around me that really care about me and got worried when I got sick..Thanks a lot: Yi theng, yi qian, chui yee, sharon, audrey and jc...They are always there for me whenever I need them and I'm really happy that we meet each other and become close friends in uni..I still couldn't digest what had happened these days...But I'll be strong and tomorrow will be the day to get a good news..I'm waitingg.......................................

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